Team Aqua Grabs RC44 Victory


The final day of RC44 Sotogrande Cup competition was indeed quite an interesting race to watch as the coastline of Andalucía and Sotogrande were in perfect condition.

The team of Chris Bake had increased the lead to 5 points soon after the completion of the 1st race. Thereafter, during the 2nd race, the team was on track for consolidating their position. The team had set the spinnaker and things were going perfectly. The stern got pulled up on a wave which buried the bow, which was quite unexpected. Chris Bake got drenched and the bowsprit was broken.

Despite such a condition, the team succeeded in recovering the kite. Thereafter, they spent around half of the leg to unpick carbon pieces. However, it was unfortunate that they had no other option but to continue sailing the remainder of the leg. The A3 spinnaker was rigged to fly from the bow in the following run.

The crew of Team Aqua and shore crew had to rally so as to fit the replacement bowsprit right before the shut off could take place during the final race. Fortunately, the 3 front-runners were towards the last to reach the weather mark. And, soon after the leeward gate both teams Aqua and Nika split track with the Peninsula Petroleum. This was indeed the wrong choice that worked wonders for Team Aqua as it was behind team Nika and moved to the other side to get a huge lift. This led to team Aqua’s victory in 4th place at the weather mark which they sustained till the end.

Team Aqua achieved the RC44 Sotogrande Cup, although it was a tough race. It was mainly due to hard work and joint efforts of the entire team, which made them stay until the last leg of the final race. Team Aqua was given the whole credit to make such a good start of the season.

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