Fin On Topper The World


After the selection in both Topper 4.2 squad and the south east zone squad, Fin Swanton has become the latest topic of discussion in the sailing club. The 14 year old has spent over 9 months traveling in and around UK for training sessions and several national sailing events.

Fin Swanton is the member of the Felpham Sailing Club and he was on the Topper World Championship recently in Ballyholme, in Northern Ireland. There were sailors from distinct countries in the event that included Australia, Japan, South Africa and China. With over 200 boats making an entry and 5 days of the race was indeed quite a competitive one. The decision had to be made to take a step ahead from 4.2 sail which is most commonly applied for lighter sailors to full 5.3. This was a larger fleet when compared to the others. The fact that there was a prize of a week’s Scotland Yacht Charter only added to the attractiveness of taking part.

It was an exciting week, although the wind conditions were a bit frustrating. But, it gave a great opportunity to Fin to practice extensively for a tough 6 day series in North Berwick. The shifty wind and strong fog made him lose the qualification in the gold fleet by 3 places. The races took place despite of being in water for over 6 hours at a stretch in water daily.

The conditions on the last day were 20 knots gusting 25. Fin Swanton, who weighs 42 kilos, was up for it. He finished 20th place in the silver fleet and it was an awesome experience for this young player. The effort he put through in taking part in the events was indeed phenomenal. This young sailor and his family are grateful to the Sailing Trust to John Merrick as it offered the grant to take part in the competition. The 14 year old Swanton has a long way to go to further make his career in the sailing club.

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