Teen At Sailing Camp Now In Critical Condition


A boy aged 17-years who were sailing at a sailing camp organized at Lake Washington is in critical condition. He was found underwater.

The incident happened at the Sail Sand Point, which is a community boating facility present in the Magnuson Park.

The victim, along with seven other teens, whose age was between 14-18 years, paddled into the water just near a dock acting on the instruction of the instructors. The instructor asked them to go into the water so that he could observe their comfort level. In the next step the teens was suppose to wear the life vest for the safety, but by the time, the victim had disappeared already.

Four instructors present in the park looked for the boy. The boy was found underwater and he was found after about six minutes of being disappear.

After pulling the boy out of the water, they began CPR. However, when the medics reached there, the boy was found with no pulse. When medics started giving the victim aid, the boy had fainted pulse by the time the ambulance left for the hospital.

Staff present at the Sail Sand Point said this was the first time that any such incident had happened in the part. We train hundreds of students every year all in the same or the younger age group.

As of now, the camps of sailing have been suspended for the day. The instructors in the part will review their processes of teaching to check, if they have done something differently.

Another staff at the park said the boy came here to learn sailing and before getting into the water, he was in perfect state of mind and fitness, however the review process will make it clear, what’s wrong happened that time.

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